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Wynns Engine Stop Noise

Wynns Engine Stop Noise



Engine Stop Noise


Wynn’s Engine Stop Noise cleans and frees up sticky lifters to quieten them and reduce ticking noise on start up. Wynn’s Engine Stop Noise prevents formation of black sludge and deposits to improve cylinder compression and keep your engine oil clean.

Features and Benefits:
  • Quietens noisy valve lifters

  • Reduces ticking noise on start-up

  • Provides friction and wear protection

  • Prevents formation of black sludge and deposits

  • Prevents oxidation and premature thickening of the oil

  • Compatible with all mineral & synthetic oils

  • Safe for Catalytic Converters, DPF & other emission controls

  • Suitable for Diesel Engines to extend oil life

  • Easy to use one shot treatment

  • Treats up to 6L of engine oil


Wynn’s Engine Stop Noise is recommended for Petrol, Diesel & LPG engines, and is compatible with all mineral and synthetic oils.

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Weight .4 kg

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