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Racer CJ8 Spark Plug


Racer CJ8 Spark Plug

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Can substitute: AC Delco C47W AC Delco CS41 AC Delco CS42 AC Delco CS45 AC Delco CS49 Autolite 235 Autolite 254 Autolite 255 Autolite 258 Autolite 2995 Autolite 2996 Autolite XST255 Bosch W230T30 Bosch WK145T1 Bosch WK175T1 Bosch WKA145T3 Bosch WS7E Bosch WS8E Bosch WS9EC Bosch stk 7542 Bosch stk 7543 Brisk P17 Champion CJ11 Champion HT10J Champion J91 Champion JT8 Champion TJ8J Champion UCJ7G Champion UCJ8G Champion stk 843 Denso T20M-U Denso W14M-U Denso W14M-U10 Denso W14M-US Denso W14MR-U Denso W20M Denso W20M-U Denso W20M-US Denso W22M-U Denso W22M-US Denso stk 6015 Denso stk 6016 Denso stk 6019 Denso stk 6022 Denso stk 6026 Denso stk 6034 Denso stk 6036 Denso stk 6039 Denso stk 6048 Eyquem 500CT General Motors 5612891 General Motors 5613166 General Motors 5613234 General Motors 5613322 KLG FSC50 LD L6 Mopar 4419643 Motorcraft A3NX Motorcraft A7N Motorcraft A7NU Motorcraft A7NX Motorcraft AR7N Motorcraft stk 118 Motorcraft stk 94 Newstar L5C NGK BM4A NGK BM6 NGK BM6A NGK BM6A10 NGK BM7 NGK BM7A NGK BMR4A NGK stk 5628 NGK stk 5728 NGK stk 5921 NGK stk 6321 NGK stk 6521 NHSP L6 Prestolite 14-11N Prestolite 14-11X Prestolite 14-3N Prestolite 14-7N Torch L6C

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